Reduce your total cost of ownership with the new 1000W High Performance Rectifier

Answering today’s Telecom requirements, the new highly efficient ECOR1048TN is an easy to install, highly performant and efficient 1000W rectifier. It is fitted into very compact housing and leaves more space for other customer’s equipment. The rectifier is suitable for (protected) outdoor applications and can be mounted in almost any position. The ECOR1048TN delivers constant power optimized to DC load and batteries and operates on any mains (wide range input).

The new rectifier helps you realize savings of the use and the ownership of your application:

  1. Reducing your energy bill by several tens of euro’s per year per rectifier. Load savings are reached due to reduction of power losses by 50%* and estimated energy savings per year go up to 400kWh/rectifier (at nominal load).
  2. Reducing your costs on cooling/ventilation. The rectifier dissipates 40% less* heat due to smaller housing. It operates in very large operating temperature range (from -40C° to +80C°)
  3. Reducing your maintenance costs by estimated 40% reduction of call rate*. Calculated MTBF at 25ºC is 500.000hrs (data 850W: 900.000hrs measured versus 300.000hrs calculated) which corresponds to 40% reduction of the calculated call rate. The estimated lifetime at 25ºC is longer than 14 years.


For customers, using currently our previous rectifier models (850/1000W), the replacement is easy to do: there is no replacement of shelf needed. The ECOR1048TN has the same shape, fit and function as the CAR0948 and CAR1048, with an improved locking system. Hot swap is possible as well as mixed use with CAR0948 or CAR1048.


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*Comparing to CAR1048TN