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18 January 2022

Factory Acceptance Inspection for Paris Metro Line 14 extension project


The RATP initiated the project to extend south and north the line 14 of the Paris metro. When fully completed, the number of daily passengers of this extended line is expected to almost double. In this context, our customer EQUANS in consortium with PORTALP has the mission to ensure the passengers’ safety with the installation of Platform Screen Doors (PSD).

For Alpha Innovations, the first step was achieved in 2021 with the Factory Acceptance Inspection (F.A.I) by the RATP and EQUANS teams and the next steps are planned for 2022. We are excited and proud to be part of this project by providing the right power solutions!

F.A.I. by Equans and RATP

Stay tuned to follow the next steps of this project!

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