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09 March 2022

Ready to shave our peaks


After adding PV panels on our roofs, installing four Hercules power converters and 75 kW of batteries (more information here), the next step of our energy storage solution project is to monitor our energy production and consumption.

Thanks to our monitoring and control software, Compas, we are able to collect many information about our installation such as how much power we consume, what is the state of charge of our batteries and what is the status of our power converters just to name a few.

Our team has gathered all these information and present them into Grafana, in order to have a clear overview of our energy production (via the PV panels), energy storage (via the batteries) and energy consumptions (whether from the grid or not) and how much money we spend for energy.

Another important objective is to identify our peaks of consumption and avoid them. How? By measuring the actual consumption and inject energy from the batteries before the peak arrives. This is peak shaving. By doing so, we will help grid stabilization and reduce our energy costs at the same time!

Want to do peak shaving?

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