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14 September 2021

Rock & Bike Against Cancer

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Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2020, over 19 million cancer cases were diagnosed and almost 10 million people died of cancer around the world (source). At Alpha Innovations, we believe every small implication can make a change. We are therefore proud to sponsor two events : the Rock Against Cancer event for the 3rd year in a row and l’Assaut Mosan for the 2nd time.

Let’s rock !

Rock Against Cancer is a concert played by local rock bands. The particularity of this event is that all the funds are donated to several associations linked to the fight against cancer and the support of patients and their families.
The 5th edition that will take place on September 17th will combine music, support for a good cause, and it’s a great occasion for our employees to share a special moment.

Rock Against Cancer 2021

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Let’s go cycling

L’Assaut Mosan is a bike tour organized to help children with cancer and their parents. It will take place on September 19th in Fernelmont (Belgium). All the funds raised during this event are donated to a local association “Les Amis de Julien”. Their mission is to improve the comfort of children with cancer and their families.
News - Assaut Mosan 2021

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