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Interface Usb 1Wire


  • USB to 1-Wire interface for UCC
  • Compatible with iButton, 1-Wire and FxB Bus protocols


The LinkUSB™ is an advanced, intelligent USB 2.0 full speed interface for use with Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire™ and iButton™ components.  It uses superior digital and analog methods to accomplish more-reliable operation on a wide variety of network topologies.  It also offers many functions that simplify network communications and some diagnostic tools as well.
The LinkUSB™ has been designed to operate reliably on long and short 1-Wire busses.  It has a special analog interface design that uses matched impedances and slew rate controls, as well as smart cable pre-charge. In addition, the firmware (programming) is adaptive and makes adjustments for a variety of network parameters automatically.
The LinkUSB™ is based on The Link, which was designed in cooperation with Dallas Semiconductor Corp., Dallas, Texas, manufacturer of 1-Wire and iButton devices and various accessories.


Standard Part Numbers

  • : 1-Wire USB Interface for UCC

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