Indoor and outdoor enclosures

Alpha Innovations offers integrated energy systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. These include power conversion, input and output distribution, energy monitoring and control, site monitoring and control and, where applicable, integration of customer applications.
Unlike some other suppliers, we deliver all our systems fully wired and tested. No additional operations are required on site, reducing the cost and the time needed to install and commission the system. Though delivered with full installation manuals, our systems are designed to be simple and self-explanatory, reducing training time and human errors.
  • Alpha Innovations develops energy systems into power enclosures that can cover various degrees of IP.
  • These systems implement AC/DC rectifiers,  DC/AC inverters and  battery back-up with LVD, according to our customer needs.
  • The utmost monitoring capabilities of Alpha do give a real advantage for the field exploitation of these systems, this is already proven with the many thousands Compas monitored nodes in telecom networks.
  • More specific markets can be addressed, where Alpha’s customizing capabilities, up to specific data acquisition interfaces, can serve very specific monitoring requirements.
  • Our know-how covers Telecom, Railway and Industrial applications.