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Power Supplies to Equip Cutting-Edge Medical Devices Worldwide

Dialysis and power supply
Medical Cutting-Edge Medical Devices Compact converter units


State-of-the-art medical devices need a dedicated power supply overperforming in safety, reliability, flexibility, while achieving the best cost-effectiveness. Alpha Innovations is the ideal partner to develop and deliver worldwide custom power solutions compatible with innovative medical technologies. Here is how we co-innovate with major medical devices manufacturers.



Medical device manufacturers are pressured to ensure safety compliance throughout the production process. Electrical leakage to both patients and operators is a significant concern. Therefore, power supplies must meet the requirements of the IEC 60601-1 product safety standard related to electrical medical equipment.


In medical devices applications, the space for electronics is very limited. Therefore, whether electrically or mechanically, power supplies of medical devices need to perfectly fit the machine. The medical technology cannot adapt to the power-supply; the supply must enable the technology.

Availability And Reliability

Medical devices are run by caregivers, not by technicians and require 24/7 operation of critical equipment. To meet this challenge, reliable power supplies and high lifetime expectancy are expected from medical devices manufacturers.

Flexible And Scalable

Medical technologies are constantly evolving, and the number of patients is increasing every day. As a consequence, manufacturers need flexible and scalable solutions to meet the changing requirements of the medical devices market. They need a partner able to deliver a custom solution as smoothly as any standard component.

Alpha Innovations’ Solution

Compact Power Supply for Medical Application

Protecting The Patients And Operators

Protecting the patient is a mission that we collectively share and valorize. Behind our agility to over-deliver in crisis times, we see each individual that will receive cares.

On top of matching the IEC 60601-1 product safety standard, our adapted power supplies are compliant with risk management on the equipment level. For example, our converters are integrated into dialysis equipment where water, electricity and chemistry or heat are present. This led to specific requirements and features fulfilled by the Alpha Innovations’ converters.

Mechanically And Electrically Tailored Solution

We provide dedicated design that can be massively produced at good price. The social challenge is to have enough cost-effective equipment to treat an always increasing number of patients.

Mechanically, our solutions perfectly adapt to the equipment, ensuring not only the smallest footprint, but really fitting-in the device. Electrically, above the safety standard, it ensures the highest efficiency. Moreover, we offer a full service and a long-term availability of system components.

Adapted To The Market’s Changes

Because we work together with medical device manufacturers for many years, we are able to seize the market’s challenges and adapt our solutions to them. As a consequence, Alpha Innovations quickly reacts to the market demands, especially these last months during which the COVID-19 has obliged the healthcare services to duplicate essential equipment, such as dialysis. Our flexibility and reactivity have been recognized by our customers.

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