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16 March 2022

We are "Made Different by Digital Wallonia" Ambassador

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Made Different Ambassador

Made Different by Digital Wallonia, what is it?

As part of the “Industry of the Future” program of Digital Wallonia, manufacturing companies that have launched significant digital transformation initiatives are identified as “Made Different by Digital Wallonia” Ambassadors. This year, 6 new manufacturing companies from Wallonia are thus distinguished, bringing the total number of Made Different Ambassadors in Wallonia to 20.

The winning companies are : Alpha Innovations, Ateliers du Monceau, Ecosteryl, IPEX, Knauf Insulation and Mockel. They are distinguished by their digital transformation projects implemented to optimize their production chain thanks to advanced technologies.

The Ambassadors are companies that have implemented innovative and pioneering initiatives on one or more digital and technological transformations. They have the potential to become Factories of the Future quite quickly. To become a Factory of the Future, companies must be committed to the 7 key transformations of the Made Different methodology.

Based on 7 technological and digital transformations

This recognition is the result of the “Made Different by Digital Wallonia” coaching process, a methodology that allows manufacturing companies to assess their digital maturity and to develop an action plan for the implementation of digital projects using key technologies.

The “Made Different by Digital Wallonia” methodology focuses on 7 axes of transformation:
1. Smart Manufacturing
2. People at the center of the organization
3. Integrated Customer Engineering
4. Ecological impact of the company (Eco-Fatory)
5. The Digital Factory
6. New manufacturing technologies
7. Networked Factory

Why Alpha Innovations joined this program?

Sophie Trinon, CEO of Alpha Innovations explains the reasons that pushed the company to join the “Ambassador” approach:

As an innovative company, dedicated to custom production, we want to be at the forefront also in our way of working, in the spirit of a permanent improvement of our comfort at work, while maintaining our reactivity in the service of our customers and the quality they demand.

With this title, we hope to be very concrete sources of inspiration for all SMEs who wish to deploy technological transformation projects to optimize their industrial production.

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