Rail Signaling

Carriers of innovation
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety. Only a customer-oriented organisation with the correct quality processes can support successful completion of projects. Ever since our creation by Philips in 1954, Alpha Innovations in Belgium has been at the forefront of quality systems. We were among the first companies to get the ISO 9001 certificate back in 1991. Today, we are upgrading our product development processes to meet IRIS standards.
Our transport solutions, power signalling equipment, station equipment, platform screen doors, radio systems... To reduce your costs of project management, we also provide complementary services in assembling and wiring frames for electronic equipment. Whenever possible, we combine these with the power source to reduce overall cost.
Years of experience
We work closely with several market leaders and integrators in the railway industry. To those customers we say thank you for your trust and ongoing business. Our solutions operate 24/7 on metro and railway lines in many countries. We most recently implemented solutions for the metro in Paris, Barcelona, Seville and Bangkok, for the railways of Thailand and, of course, in our home country of Belgium.
Transport solutions to be trusted
Multiple bus energy systems
We assemble tailored systems offering multiple output bus voltages supported by a single voltage battery back-up system and a single monitoring platform. This optimises the combination of voltages from 24VDC to 220VDC and 230VAC in a single cabinet and simplifies the management of the infrastructure immensely: the whole system is controlled from a single interface.
Our fully open, low cost monitoring and control platform operates in CAN or ModBus, enabling the connection and management of energy and infrastructure equipment. Supporting SNMP, XML and web-based services, it allows you to control operations remotely, to automate processes and... to reduce the costs of operating your network. While key functions remain available without the need for monitoring, dual web-based services provide redundancy in the communication path.
Embedded power
Alpha Innovations will design solutions to match your specific requirements: signalling, stationary and on-board solutions based on a single or multiple solid state switching modules
customer testimonial

The first and most important criterion to choose a supplier is product reliability. Replacing signaling equipment is very expensive and can’t be done very frequently. In the rail industry, we place extremely high demands on product quality. That’s exactly why we’ve signed a new contract with Alpha Technologies for the TFM modules: we have seen these systems working in the field for almost 20 years.


Dalvi Botte | Product Architect at Alstom Belgium


Another important reason to continue our cooperation is Alpha’s good planning and delivery record. As we work with multiple suppliers and need to coordinate our planning with the end-user, sticking to the delivery schedule is crucial. Transparency and crystal-clear communication are essential for successful projects and to avoid problems in the execution.


Vincent Leboeuf | Product Industrial Manager at Alstom Belgium

One point of contact – this approach works perfectly for us. Whatever the question – logistics, quality or anything else – I just contact the project manager at Alpha and he involves his colleagues internally whenever necessary. The project manager knows all the ins and outs of the project and understands the priorities. He’s committed to delivering the best possible service.But ‘project oriented organization’ means even more than that. A big advantage of working with Alpha Technologies is the technical know-how they possess. The engineers in their R&D department help us to find the best technical solution, matched to the need of our specific application. They don’t just develop a power supply, but they also think together with us in terms of the complete system and its operation.


Guillaume Teboul | Product Industrial Manager at Alstom