Monitoring & Control

Monitor and control your entire infrastructure remotely, leverage the possibilities of IoT and Big Data, be informed instantly in case of issues and optimize your energy assets.

A wide range of advantages

Our monitoring solutions make the supervision and control of your infrastructures easier. We offer a range of advantages such as:

  • Customizable
  • Remote control
  • Easy integration
  • Unique platform
  • Secured connection
  • Ready for IoT
  • TCO reductions

We consider every project to be unique and we pride ourselves in handling each one as such.

Keep your business going

Our advanced monitoring solutions are there to limit any risk related to outages and to ensure a continuity of the service. How? By being continuously connected to your infrastructure through:

  • Logs and reports
  • Configurable alarms and notifications
  • Responsive web interface (via PC, tablet and/or smartphone)
  • Directly on the equipment’s touch screen

Schema Monitoring

With this information, you can detect and prevent any issue that could weaken your infrastructure. This is what preventive maintenance is to us. 

A single platform

Are you dreaming of monitoring and controlling multiple equipment on one single platform? It is now possible. We have the monitoring solutions that will meet your needs, whether for one site or for your whole infrastructure.

You will learn more about our solutions in this video


Local monitoring
With our Compas monitoring control unit, you can remotely supervise and control the equipment, energy and environment of your site(s).

Looking for a monitoring control unit?

More about COMPAS


Mutli-site monitoring
Multi-site monitoring with a single platform is now possible with Armada. Interconnect your sites to monitor your whole infrastructure.

Looking for a multi-site monitoring?

More about ARMADA
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