Integrated solutions

We have a team of talented engineers who develop and design complete solutions integrating any building blocks, whether from Alpha or third parties, as well as monitoring and control to bring intelligence to your assets.

Partnership approach

We supply high performance solutions, designed for specific applications and the most demanding customers’ needs. We handle your project from its design to its production and keep you involved every step of the way.

Schema Partnership approach

Have a specific project?

Let's talk about it!

Customized & cost effective solutions

PCB, converters, shelves, cabinets, distribution, monitoring… anything can be customized!
On top of that, we provide cost-effective solutions by:

  • Optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Recycling and adapting instead of replacing
  • Reducing maintenance costs and human risks
  • Bringing intelligence to your assets

We also have standard solutions

Product Finder

Accelerated Time-to-market

In-house qualification and certification enable us to accelerate your time-to-market. If required, pre-compliance testing of the full solution can be conducted in Alpha Innovations’ approved testing facilities in order to ease and accelerate the end product certification.
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