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We provide power and monitoring solutions to make sure all means of transport remain operational 24/7.

Signaling and track side

Our solutions are installed at different levels of transport infrastructure for signalling equipment, platform screen doors, stations and enclosures along the tracks for applications like ticketing, emergency lighting, communication or level crossing barriers.

Market - Transport - Tracks

Embedded solutions

In the transport industry, space is rather limited. We offer compact power and monitoring solutions that can easily be integrated on rolling stock.

Our monitoring solution is able to sniff the different communication systems and bring the information back to the customer. You will then be able to diagnose the device and identify failures in the engine.

Predictive maintenance

Every moment a train, metro, bus, boat or plane is stopped is expensive. Preventive maintenance helps keep equipment up and running by preventing unexpected downtime or failures.

How? Our monitoring solution gives operators a real-time overview of the infrastructure.

Our solution receives different types of signals, collects data and sends the information via a secured communication bus. From there, operators can detect problems before they occur and improve their knowledge of the equipment as well as the maintenance organization.

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Responsive team

We have years of experience in monitoring and control of complete transport networks.

You can count on Alpha Innovations’ technical expertise and support to provide solutions that can evolve with your needs. Our team provides in-house design, selects, manufactures and configures the right components to ensure a clean and reliable power supply solution.

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