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Emergency & Defense

While you focus on ensuring people’s security, we specialize in providing power security and reliability for your equipment, enabling you to carry out your mission effectively.

Reliable power

At Alpha Innovations, we understand the critical need for reliable power in demanding environments. Our power solutions are built with the highest quality components, ensuring that you can always depend on a consistent and uninterrupted power supply, 24/7, wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you’re in the military, police, ambulance services, or firefighting, our power converters are designed to deliver unwavering performance, so you can focus on your mission with confidence.

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Harsh Environment Compatibility

When it comes to operating in harsh environments, our power converters are up to the challenge. Designed to be robust and durable, they can withstand dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest conditions. Whether your power needs are for mobile or fixed applications, our converters are built to provide consistent power delivery, without compromising performance or reliability.

Modular & Adaptable

At Alpha Innovations, we understand that power requirements can vary significantly across different equipment. That’s why our power converters offer modular and customizable options. Our converters are compatible with a wide range of equipment, allowing for easy integration and adaptability. Whether you need to power devices with varying power needs or combine our converters with batteries or solar panels, our versatile solutions provide the flexibility you need to meet your specific power requirements.

Product Portfolio

Since 2023, RIPEnergy has become a part of Alpha Innovations, expanding our portfolio and expertise. Our integrated products are designed based on military standards like MIL STD 461, MIL STD 810, and MIL STD 1275.

RSW Serie

The RSW sine wave inverter series is specifically designed for critical applications such as marine, military, and mobile use cases. Notably, these inverters boast a superior level of protection with an IP64 protection rating. Among the series, the RSW400-MIL model is fanless, ensuring remarkable silence and eliminating the need for maintenance. Its compact size and lightweight design enhance its portability, while its operational range spans from -40°C to +60°C, accommodating diverse environmental conditions.


This new and exclusive modular sine wave inverter/charger can include one or several inverter modules (up to 32). From 1.6kW to 50kW, in one-phase or three-phase configuration, the system is fully programmable and bidirectionnal. The revolutionary technology enables to direct the energy in any direction without interruption.


With 24V bat­tery sys­tem con­­s­isting of two 12V bat­­teries, the equal­­izing charger per­­­fectly bal­ances the two bat­­teries. As a result, it becomes feasible to directly power 12V devices from a dual 24V battery system.

Combo Serie

Our integrated Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers play a vital role in military mobile applications such as tanks, trucks, and shelters. We offer specialized Ruggedized Sealed (RS) models that meet certain aspects of the MIL STD 810 and 1275D standards. Input voltage options encompass 12, 24, or 48 VDC, while the output voltage can be either 230 VAC/50Hz or 120 VAC/60Hz.

Notably, our product features an automatic transfer switch for seamless functionality and boasts an intelligent battery charging system. Beyond its primary usage, this versatile solution finds application in medical equipment within military ambulances and even in powering refrigerators.

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