Telecom infrastructure


Using IoT and digitalization to operate and maintain smart power systems in Telecom Network Infrastructures

5G challenge accepted

Telecom operators constantly need to re-evaluate their existing infrastructure and adapt it to cutting-edge telecommunication technologies.

The challenge is not only to bring power to remote or centralized sites, it is also to ensure the continuity in the most efficient way with reliable and intelligent power.

Thanks to our experience with telecom operators and the use of the latest IoT and digital technologies, we transform your powering constrains into smart assets while ensuring the best TCO.

Global view of your infrastructure

Monitor, manage and control your systems or complete infrastructure with real-time information provided by our monitoring platforms. To do so, Compas and Armada are the essential tools enabling:

  • Remote and predictive maintenance
  • Leverage the value of data analytics and Edge Computing
  • Optimize the TCO, quality and reliability
  • Understand the operating parameters of your infrastructure
  • … and more!

We offer integrated site control, monitoring and access management modules that allow you to monitor and control your complete infrastructure.

Core sites

The digitalization of the infrastructure involves switching to ICT equipment powered by AC. For these new types of data centers, we can provide the right customized solution mixing AC and DC equipment.

Cell sites

Base stations are also critical equipment that require compact and reliable solutions compliant with sometimes harsh environments. Complete monitoring and supervision are a must wherever the cell sites are deployed.

Street cabinet

We provide solutions for indoor and outdoor environments that can be coupled with renewable energy solutions.

Remote Powering

The increasing number of remote sites to power can be somewhat of a challenge, particularly when their access is difficult. What if you could leverage the existing infrastructure, and deliver the power via twisted pair cables?

In a congested city center, or in the middle of the fields, we have the solution to make the difference!

Need to power remote sites?

Discover our solutions!
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