Corporate Social Responsibility

At Alpha Innovations, Corporate Social Responsibility goes behind having solar panels on our rooftop and is far more than a buzz word: we constantly strive to improve our environmental, social and economic performances.

Over the past years, we have worked to analyze our organization (operation, supply chain, production, etc) to better understand our impacts and opportunities in terms of sustainability. To do so, we have engaged internal and external resources to understand our current issues, to be able to measures our environmental impacts and to identify ways of improvements.

Discover the result of hours of work and analysis in our first report on social, environmental, and governance impact.

Full report in English Full report in French

Our sustainability efforts recognized by Ecovadis

We are proud to have been awarded the Gold level by EcoVadis certification in January 2022. Alpha Innovations is in the top 5% of the most virtuous companies in terms of environmental, social, ethical and responsible purchasing practices.

We support the UN Global Compact

We have joined the United Nation Global Compact, a network of over 15 000 companies and 4 000 non-business participants that are committed to building a sustainable future. The goal is to align our strategies and activities with 10 principles on human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption, actively support the broader goals of the United Nations (including Sustainable Development Goals) and commit to submitting an annual progress report.

Minimizing our environmental footprint is a priority

You can access our environmental policy here. We have recently calculated our carbon footprint report with Smart2Circle according to a solid and internationally recognized standards, the Bilan Carbone ® and GHG Protocol.

Human well-being central in our strategy

We have a Corporate Code of Conduct and Ethics that sets legal and ethical standards of conduct for all our employees. In addition to complying with national and international regulations, we have several trainings and initiatives in place to ensure that our employees feel part of our organization and are treated fairly.

Sustainability in our business relationships

We prefer partnership with suppliers and customers sharing the same values as Alpha Innovations, especially from an ecological, social and economic point of view. Our sourcing and innovation programs enhance sustainability throughout the value chain.

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