DC Power

Based on our know-how, we can easily adapt our solutions to efficiently convert power and answer the most demanding customer specifications.

What do you need?

Standard, customized or dedicated?

We offer standard and develop customized AC/DC and DC/DC multi-outputs converters and rectifiers to secure small to mid-sized critical loads in a variety of configurations.

Wide range of power

There is always a solution to meet your power requirements. We can integrate smart power modules to operate in an output range going from 300W to 4kW, simply let us know what you need!

Easy installation and maintenance

We provide power modules that can easily be installed and swapped while operating. This makes maintenance easier as the on-site interventions are limited and therefore so are the operating costs. Moreover, the high efficiency we provide (up to 96%) ensures small MTBF. On top of that, all our solutions are IoT enabled which facilitates maintenance.



The modular design allows to gradually extend the system capacity when the load requires an increase. Modularity also fulfils 1+1, N+1 or N+N redundancy at different levels.

A perfect fit

We design power modules that can fit into small enclosures or in a 19’ rack. Our customized power modules have a high-power density as they can only be 1U high. Both for outdoor and indoor applications, our smart power modules are designed to support extreme conditions.

Flexibility & scalability

We supply high performance solutions, designed for specific applications yet with high flexibility and scalability during the product lifetime. With the latest technology, we can develop new versions that remain compatible with the previous ones.

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