REC006D48FN RLP 60W down converter with Din Rail fixture Remote Feeding Low Power Down Converter

Remote Feeding Low Power Down Converter

  • Stand alone down converter for remote feeding applications
  • Compliant with EN60950-21 RFT-C
  • Up to 60W output power
  • Parallel-mounting for full redundancy
  • Wall or Din rail mounting
  • Convection cooled, field replaceable module
  • Optional monitoring unit

This compact 60W remote energy solution provides high availability of power to remote sites in the local loop of the newest networks. The remote feeding solution operates on existing copper networks. It does not require any site safety approvals or input stage as it is not connected to the mains: it can be quickly and very cost effectively installed, enabling operators to promptly offer new services in remote areas. This solution takes advantage of the battery energy back-up power provided centrally. In this way high availability is provided at the remote site without increasing the number of remote battery locations and the exponential costs associated with their maintenance.

The module is designed to be mounted on a standard din rail or directly on a wall. Snap-in connectors allow quick connection to the load and to the feeding pairs. If the load increases during the life cycle of the application (additional subscribers connected), up to three modules can be paralleled in the field, supporting the right level of investment. For higher power loads, see also other remote or local feeding solutions from Alpha Innovations.

Redundancy can easily be achieved by mounting modules in parallel. Modules can easily be replaced in the field without interruption of power. The number of copper pair connections is designed to power each module independently for most distances. Optional accessory allows battery connection during maintenance or intervention on the network.

The remote feeding solution of Alpha Innovations is very safe. On the top of standard EN60950-1, it is also designed in combination with a central up converter compliant with the IEC/EN60950-21 safety standard. In addition, any circuit failure will shut down the source of power, eliminating any risk of electrical shock.


Standard Part Numbers
  • 9411 039 65001: RLP 60W down converter with Din Rail fixture
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