About Alpha Innovations


Project driven solutions in highly reliable energy

Alpha Innovations is a pioneer in the field of power technology. Renowned for its highly reliable standard and custom designed power solutions, Alpha Innovations has become a prime supplier of market leaders in the telecoms, traffic and medical segments in Europe.

We invest continuously in end to end solutions from site monitoring and control, to network management. The objective is to reduce the total cost of ownership of its customers including, among others, installation and maintenance costs, energy savings and assets management.

Alpha Innovations offers project driven solutions in highly reliable energy for electronic loads and site management.

A project can be anything from a custom designed power supply embedded in an OEM design to a network management application including all sorts of low and high power solutions. The toolbox of Alpha Innovations includes custom design power supplies, DC systems, indoor and outdoor enclosures, energy monitoring, site monitoring, Indoor UPS, Outdoor UPS, customer electronic frames assembly and network management application.

Project Oriented

A key asset of Alpha Innovations are the project managers. Highly experienced engineers meet with the customers, identify their needs, discuss solutions identifying their benefits and drawbacks, listen to the customer constraints in terms of certifications, timing, budget and share with them the optimal solution. Driven by the customer demand and backed-up by a dedicated team, they then put the solution in place with focus on the customers satisfaction.
Alpha Innovations is based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, in a central location which enables its employees to be close to their customers. In addition to the Benelux, Alpha Innovations offers its products and services in virtually any country of the world.

Strong R&D

Since the early years, Alpha Innovations has always developed a culture of innovation, resulting in multiple patents, scientific publications and innovation awards.
Alpha Innovations maintains close partnerships with several major universities, offering a great opportunity to develop new ideas and to recruit talented power engineers and software engineers. Alpha Innovations owns large resources to test and qualify its designs against standards for load, input and environmental conditions as well as conducted and radiated EMC. This long experience in power supply design and qualification enables Alpha Innovations to offer custom design converters with unrivalled performances and reliability.

When looking at the total cost of ownership, it is very clear that the major costs for end users are in the electrical energy and in the maintenance and intervention of remote sites. With a focus on creating solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership, Alpha Innovations has designed Compas and Armada: a unique network management platform to manage all energy and environmental equipment and supporting interoperability of vendors equipment, meeting the ETSi monitoring standard.

Renowned Quality

At Alpha Innovations, quality is inherent to the culture. Employees are constantly encouraged to put the right processes in place and to improve them every day. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has now taken the first steps to acquire the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certification. All products carry the necessary markings such as CE, UL and CSA. Alpha Innovations' engineers and quality product team closely cooperate with certification institutes to document all certified labels.
At Alpha Innovations there is no compromise on the quality and reliability of products and the oldest employees share their great satisfaction to see the solutions they delivered still in service after more than 20 years.
Components are selected very carefully (especially those like electrolytic capacitors which have ageing characteristics). Even if it might result in a small reduction in power density, the design condition is to maintain low internal temperatures even in high ambient conditions. As the lifetime of most components is increased by two when their operating temperature is reduced by ten degrees, this is a key factor in increasing product lifetimes.
Power converters are designed to concentrate all components on a single side of the board to ensure optimal soldering conditions during assembly. Experience has proven that actual MTBF of our modules improved by a factor three. SPC and careful analysis of field returns support our continuous improvement programmes.