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02 May 2019

A New Adventure Begins For Alpha Innovations!

Company Life

CE+T Group has just signed the acquisition of Alpha Innovations. A new step in the company’s growth which already employs more than 250 peoples worldwide.

Alberto Méndez Rodriguez, President of the Board of Alpha Innovations and Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T holding
Alberto Méndez Rodriguez, President of the Board of Alpha Innovations and Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T holding

Who is CE+T ?

Founded in 1934, CE+T Power has been specializing in power electronics since the 1960’s and has invented the modular inverter in the end of the 1980’s.

Based in Belgium (Wandre, near Liège), China, India, Luxembourg and the USA, CE+T capitalizes on the diversity of the company’s global organization to empower business’ continuity. They do so by providing modular, highly efficient AC & DC power solutions that will help minimize Operating Expenses and reduce Carbon footprints.


CE+T Power’s mission is to make sure that businesses keep going even when their electric power source fails. No matter which power source (DC or AC), CE+T’s Inverters and Modular UPS solutions will be there to secure critical applications.

Reliability. Simplicity. Low Financial Impact. These are the criteria, shared by Alpha Innovations, that lead every decision when CE+T develops its products.

CE+T by numbers

Today, CE+T today has a turnover of more than 40 million euros and employs 250 people worldwide.


The company has built its international reputation over the years, notably due to the winning of the Little Box Challenge organised by Google in 2016 (with an award of 1 million US$) and the label “Best Managed Companies” in 2018 by Deloitte.

CE+T holding then diversified itself by creating CE+T Energrid in 2017, a company specialised in the energy management (microgrid, energy storage…). In 2019, CE+T Energy Solutions was created in the United States in order to develop energy management and datacentres markets. With the acquisition of Alpha Innovations, the group definitively has a bright future ahead.

Why this acquisition?

Both companies are active in the telecom, rail and industrial markets. Even if they offer different (but complementary) solutions, Alpha Innovations and CE+T Power have the same mission: secure critical applications. Therefore, it seems logical that the companies get closer in order to establish synergies in terms of technical, commercial and operational matters.

At the end of 2018, Alpha Innovations had a turnover of 14 million euros and a confirmed order book, ensuring a good continuity for the years to come.

Article in L'Echo (French)

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