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09 February 2022

CSR : Gold level awarded by Ecovadis

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to have been awarded the Gold level by EcoVadis certification in January 2022.

EcoVadis is a leading business sustainability rating index. The agency rates over 65 000 companies worldwide. Its evaluation focuses on 4 themes: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing.

Our rating

We have subjected ourselves to the numerous evaluation criteria of the international evaluation platform EcoVadis. And we were rewarded: the Gold Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) level certified in January 2022 places Alpha Innovations in the top 5% of the most virtuous companies in terms of environmental, social, ethical and responsible purchasing practices.

Why we are proud of it?

This rating demonstrates the high value we place on CSR and testifies to the involvement of our company and all our employees in favor of sustainable development.

As our customers’ requirements have become more stringent over time, we wanted to make our actions transparent to our partners and customers. Moreover, EcoVadis gold level attests to the seriousness of our CSR policies and practices in their eyes.

How we did it?

In 2020, we decided to take the plunge to establish our sustainable strategy and set some objectives.

Carbon footprint report for solid basis

One of them was to have a carbon footprint report by 2021. To do so, we got the support from Smart2Circle, a sustainable strategy consultancy.

Our carbon footprint report, calculated according to a solid and internationally recognized standard, the GHG Protocol, sets the foundations of the development of an ambitious strategy in reducing our global impact on our environment. We have now a solid basis, transparent, comprehensive and consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to take concrete actions.

United Nations Global Compact to join forces with other companies

We have also joined the United Nations Global Compact, a network of over 15 000 companies and 4 000 non-business participants that are committed to building a sustainable future.

The goal is to align our strategies and activities with 10 principles on human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption, actively support the broader goals of the United Nations (including Sustainable Development Goals) and commit to submitting an annual progress report.

In line with our strategy

The news follows a comprehensive review of our CSR management system, with a specific focus on sustainability, environment, human rights, and ethics. We commit ourselves to make 2022 the year of progress on Alpha Innovations’ entire extra-financial roadmap.

Thanks to all those who contribute to our sustainability and to the realization of this beautiful note!

Want to know more about our CSR?

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