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29 September 2021

First step in the STIB's Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) project


As part of the modernization program for line 1-5 of Brussels metro, the CBTC project has just reached an important stage of completion with the first trackside signaling cabinets having been delivered to the STIB.

The Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system is an automatic train control system based on continuous communication between the train and computers that control the traffic. In this context, the function of the trackside signaling cabinets is to connect all the information from the track and other systems to the CBTC cabinets.

This interfacing function, which is simple to understand, nevertheless requires rigorous and challenging implementation, particularly in order to achieve their objective of being water and dust proof. This is why the techniques used and the manufacturing process must be at the cutting edge in order to guarantee this role of central node without any deterioration in safety or availability of the future metro.

The STIB and its partners Hitachi Rail and Alpha Innovations are proud to present you the reception of this first production batch in picture!

Hitachi - Stib cabinet overview

Stay tuned to be informed of the next steps of this project!

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