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10 November 2020

Off-Shore Power Supply For Magnetic Bearings


Magnetic bearing technology is a solution for contact-free rotation. The rotating shaft is held in by the electromagnetic forces generated in radial and axial directions. These electromagnets require continuous power and a control system that keeps the load stable.

Customer needs and requirements

Our customer’s installations are located in isolated offshore production sites that are difficult to access. It is therefore necessary, even essential, to have reliable equipment with as little maintenance possible.

The high-speed magnetic bearing rotation renders the motor very sensitive to power loss. In case of outage, it is necessary to reduce the engine speed in order to place the shaft on a bearing. An interruption in the power supply can cause the shaft to suddenly de-levitate, forcing it to land on bearings and resulting in friction-related heating. This can cause the bearing to break or even worse, the motor to break completely. To guarantee the maximum availability of the motor, it is essential to have an energy source with at least the same level of availability.

Our customer was looking for a power backup solution that can be integrated into a cabinet developed to control the magnetic bearing equipment itself. He was looking for a power supply with high reliability and availability and a minimum of maintenance.

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