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20 May 2020

Reactivity Saves Lives!



After shortages of artificial respirators, hospitals are now facing a new crisis: the lack of dialysis machines and supplies. Indeed, doctors are seeing in COVID-19 patients a new syndrome: their blood does not coagulate like it should and often tends to overclot. To treat this, hospitals have a much larger need for dialysis equipment, given that both patients who needed dialysis before the pandemic as well as COVID-19 patients need this specific treatment.

That’s where Alpha Innovations comes in. We provide power supply units to a major actor in the medical sector for dialysis machines. Due to the urgent need of new equipment, our customer has asked us for help to support them in supplying hundreds of additional unforecasted power supply units in a very short period of time, to equip hospitals all around the world with new dialysis equipment to face this sudden demand. And save lives.

Thanks to our reactivity and to the flexibility of our teams (that didn’t hesitate to work around the clock, weekends included), we successfully reached the target: in less than 60 days, we were able to manufacture and deliver the first batch of additional unplanned power supply units to our customer and the full additional request will be completed in the following weeks.

Reactivity, Flexibility and Trust are the main ingredients that enabled Alpha Innovations to contribute in saving lives!

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