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5304 500 01681


  • Moisture detector


LCT H2O is a moisture detector that can be used advantageously in the computer room, basement and other rooms where you want to detect early water damage.
LCT H2O is ideal for monitoring:
    • Surface water
    • Monitor fluid levels in tanks
    • Burst water
    • Pump Fault
    • All non flammable liquids
  • The enclosure is made of ABS plastic contains two probes for mounting in an appropriate place, such as skirting or cistern wall.
  • The design makes it possible to easily adjust the allowable liquid level, thanks to the stainless steel probes that can easily be set to the desired level.
  • When water or other non-flammable liquid reaches the preset level, as the two probes form, the unit will activate the relay and simultaneously sounding the built-in buzzer.
  • When the level returns below the probes will reset your device automatically. The probes need not be dried.
LD Moisture:
The detector can be supplemented with liquid-band detector LD Moisture glued to the wall or floor. Suitable glue is PL 400. Any moisture strips connected to terminals marked external probe. LD Moisture-band is very sensitive and it should be applied to a moist surface, like a concrete floor or the like, glued on some sort of distance to it will absorb the moisture in the concrete.
Fix the detector on the wall with two screws as close to the floor or the surface to be monitored. Loosen the screws that hold the adjustable probes and set the desired level. Attach the probes in the level. Connect the detector according to the diagram and close the enclosure. Testing sure that the correct function is achieved.



  • Power supply: 12VDC
  • Power Consumption: 
    • 20mA at rest
    • 12mA during alarm
  • Alarm Output: alternating relay NC/C/NO - 1A/28V DC


  • Built-in buzzer


  • Size: 94 x 27 x 105mm
  • Weight: 0.140kg

Standard Part Numbers

  • 5304 500 01681: Water Detector - LCT H2O

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