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DC Power - Basic Shelves


High Power 6 x 1800W Energy System
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  • Up to 10800W constant output power
  • Compatible with 1800W rectifiers
  • Easy parallel mounting for more power
  • Full open interface, ETSI ES 202 336 compliant
  • Ethernet and USB interface, optional LCD display


This shelf is the perfect answer to all redundant power requirements in the 1500W to 9000W range and above. It encompasses locations for six hot pluggable rectifiers CAR1848TN-2A. To reduce space and costs the rack is equipped with a comp@s based embedded monitoring unit offering all essential functions with a great opportunity for extended control of sites.
Supporting reduced operational expenses is a major objective in the design of our solutions. Remote monitoring and control of all variables is the first obvious benefit to reduce unnecessary visits without knowledge of the status before hand. The solution goes far more than this first step. The controller supports functions such as statistical data recording and analysis, energy consumption reduction, automatic testing routines, all in the purpose to reduce network operation expenses. It also features SNMP and XML standard open architecture. Web based services enable to easily send each piece of information directly to the appropriate people (security, power, access, etc) in relation with the network operation organisation.
The units are perfect solutions to both indoor and outdoor applications and offer a wide range of features to improve control of the system. Beyond the traditional voltage programming, AC and DC fault control, the rectifier is equipped with a smart de-rating of the power in regards to internal temperature. Signals include thermal shutdown, AC mains range detection (low or high) over voltage and module missing.
The rectifiers are designed to work in parallel. They feature active PFC and are CE marking. Active single wire sharing secures a perfect load share among units. Redundancy diode on the output allows for hot swap fault tolerant insertion.



  • Input Voltage: 165 to 254Vac
  • Input Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Input Current (per module)
    • 12A per input @ 180Vac (1800W output)
    • 11.5A per input @ 150Vac (1500W output)
  • Efficiency: 91% typical
  • Power output
    • Constant output power: between -43 and -57Vdc 
    • Per module :
      • 1800W @ high mains
      • 1000W @ low mains (power derating)
  • Current output (per module):
    • 33.3A @ -54Vdc (1800W)
    • 27.8A @ -54Vdc (1500W)
  • Number of input: 3
  • Number of modules: 6
  • Number of DC output: 1


  • Dimensions:
    • mm: 133H (3U) x 448W x 380D
    • inches: 5.2H x 17.6W x 15D
  • Mounting: 19" brackets
  • Weight:
    • Shelf: 5.95kg (13.12lb)
    • Rectifier: 3.2kg (7.05lb) 
  • Connections
    • Load: 2 x M8 per bus bar
    • Earth: M5 Stud
    • AC Input:
      • Screw terminal block (3 x 2 poles)
      • 4mm² stranded - 6mm² solid wire
    • Paralleling: RJ45 / subD37


  • Temperature:
    • Standard: -33 to 55°C
    • Extended: -40 to 70°C
    • De-rated output power: -2%/°C above 55°C
  • Storage: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
  • Humidity:
    • Operating: 30 to 95% RH non-condensing
    • Storage: 10 to 95% RH non-condensing
  • Elevation: Up to 2000m
  • Cooling: Fan cooled (front to rear)

Standard Part Numbers

9400 004 XXXXX

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