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  • Distribution for CAPTIN 300FAR solutions
  • 4 Loads proteced with GMT fuses (10A max each, 20A in total)
  • LVD Battery connection, with 20A breaker


The DIS3001O4FB1B is a front access distribution unit designed to fit in the modular CAPTIN300 energy system. When used, the module takes the place of one 300W rectifier (in the leftmost slot, close to the monitor unit).
By adding the modular DIS3001O4FB1B distribution unit in a CAPTIN300 energy system, users get a stand-alone energy system. In combination with the low profile MCU and the Front signal connection card the system allows a full front access installation.
The distribution unit contains an internal LVD (low voltage disconnection) in order to protect the battery from a deep discharge. The LVD will not close if the polarity of the battery does not match the polarity of the system DC bus, if battery voltage is out of range or if the breaker is open.



  • Dimensions: H 41.5mm, W 86mm, D 166mm

Standard Part Numbers

  • 9413 010 00021: Distribution front access for CAPTIN300FA including battery connection with LVD protected by breaker and four outputs protected by fuses (values to be selected separately

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