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Monitoring and Control - MCU


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The MCU0348M4/MCU48M4LP  is  a  microcontroller-based monitoring  system  intended  for use in telecommunication  power  plants using  the 300W  rectifier. It  allows  monitoring  and controlling of up to 4 rectifiers, one battery string and a power distribution in a 1U power shelf.
The controller is a hot-pluggable, hot-swappable unit that fits into ½U or 1U height, alongside the  rectifier  modules. The MCU  is  Comp@s  platform  ready,  allowing  advanced  monitoring  trough Ethernet/USB.  Moreover,  it  allows  interoperability with  peripherals/equipments  connected  on  the CAN bus (Cabinet security and environmental management).



  • Communication Interface:
    • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
    • USB
    • CAN
  • 4 Relays: max 60VDC (42VAC)
  • Digital Inputs: TTL compatible, with integrated pull-up resistors of 100kohm.


  • Controller I/O: 
    • Dc Bus Voltage
    • Battery Current
    • Battery Temperature
    • Rectifier Status
    • 4 Digital Inputs
    • 4 potenial free relays (NO/NC)
  •  Battery Management: 
    • Current Limitation
    • Temperature Compensation
    • Battery test
    • Capacity Estimation

Standard Part Numbers

9413 060 10131: 1U high controller for CAPTIN300 with LCD - no comp@s

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