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Remote Power Feeding - Down Converter


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  • Stand alone all-in-one down converter for remote feeding applications (RFT-C)
  • Compliant with EN60950-21 RFT-C
  • Up to 120W output power
  • IP68 Conduction cooled enclosure
  • Fully Isolated
  • Fed by 11 current limited high DC voltage lines (350V)
  • Cable connections 1m length
  • Feeding lines and dedicated pair for monitoring
  • Output 3 poles connector terminated


The REC010D48FN350IP68 is part of Alpha Innovations' solution for remote powering (RFTC) of telecommunication equipment located in remote sites.
It includes one fully isolated 120W DC/DC down converter, fed by a current limited high DC voltage. Input and output are available at the end of cables. The unit is not foreseen for parallel operation.
The aluminium enclosure is IP68 rated when mounted on/in the cabinet; the cooling is done by conduction to the upper part of the enclosure that contains fins exchanging heat with the (static) ambient air.



  • Input Voltage: 180 to 370 Vdc
  • Input Current
    • 0.4A @ nominal power
    • 0.65A maximum
  • Efficiency: 87% typical  (including start-up protection system)
  • Output Power: 120W
  • Output Voltage: 48Vdc
  • Output Current: 2.5A @ 48Vdc


  • Dimensions:  
    • mm: 71H x 255W x 140D
    • inches: 2,8H x 10W x 5,5D
  • Mounting:  4 holes in base plate for fixing
  • Weight: 2,200kg (4,85lb)
  • Connections
    • DC input: 1m length cable - 11 feed paires + 1 communication pair 
    • DC output: 1m length cable with Amphenol connector PWF-03BFFA-SL7001 termination


  • Temperature:
    • Standard: -33 to 55°C (-27,5 to 131°F)
    • Storage: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
  • IP68 enclosure (1m deep 24h) 
  • Elevation: Up to 3000m (9850ft)
  • Cooling: Natural convection - Heat Exchanger

Standard Part Numbers

9411 031 05031

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