AC Power

While many competitors offer ‘black boxes’ and commodity type UPS, Alpha Innovations has taken the approach to supply high performances solutions, designed for specific applications, like, for example, the very popular outdoor UPS.
Outdoor UPS: Outdoor UPS is a flagship of Alpha Innovations. The systems are delivered in small enclosures (for the smallest power needs), ready for installation close to the application or in 19’ compatible format with full front access and very easy to install in outdoor enclosures. They are consequently ruggedized and designed to operate over a wide range of temperature. This secures a highly reliable power (far above standard office UPS in outdoor operating conditions) to applications in communication, managed traffic or security with power requirements from 100VA to 2000VA.  
Modular UPS: The Alpha Modular UPS range offers high performances, configuration flexibility and very high scalability during the product lifetime. The design greatly reduces the operating cost as the on site maintenance is limited to the replacement of light pluggable modules. Range of the tri-power X33 Mod covers power needs from 3.4kVA to 60kVA.