DC Power

Powering, monitoring and commanding your sites and applications has never been so easy

Alpha Innovationss offers a wide range of DC power solutions, from rectifiers to integrated shelves, from 24Vdc to 220Vdc output. Discover our CAPTIN line 48 Vdc for totally integrated site management and power solutions, perfect for telecom applications and others. Together with industrial 110Vdc, 125Vdc and 220Vdc power shelves, there is always an Alpha product to meet your power requirements. For increased electrical safety, our small sized medical power supply units will easily fit in your hardware architecture.
  • Alpha Innovations S.A. has a long experience in developing AC/DC and DC/DC power converters. These units can be implemented as hot plug-in modules in power shelves, or as stand-alone custom units, for customer specific applications.
  • Alpha is also able to provide a wide range of RFT-C remote powering products to serve fast growing telecom markets where the AC feeding is no-existing or lingering on with installation.
  • Our know-how in thermal management covers forced cooling, natural convection and conduction cooling for IP68 units.
  • Alpha's design capabilities cover applications in Telecom, Railway Infrastructure, Medical and Industrial sectors.
  • DC output range covers 54Vdc to 300Vdc output voltage for standard modules. Output power per module covers up to 12kW.
  • Most recent developed standard fan cooled rectifiers (300W and 1kW) show efficiency performances at 94% to 95%.
  • Alpha Innovations S.A. is able to develop full custom AC/DC and DC/DC multi-output converters, answering to the most demanding customer specifications.