The lesson from the French access infrastructure

Fully scalable, open platform, easy to implement, highly flexible, compact and reliable power solution is what Altitude Infrastructure was looking for to manage its nationwide telecom network. The challenge was to combine the development of a future proof access infrastructure with the integration of legacy networks initially built with various vendors. 

Offering multiple possibilities beyond the simple management and recovery alarms, Alpha’s Universal Compas Controller (UCC) has evaluated to a valuable tool to control sites and networks and a big plus on top of pure energy related solutions. The latest development in this area is integration of the CTM of the shelter in the energy cabinet via the UCC. The objective of this approach is to realize savings in space and costs, as one single controller can handle all required functions.

The Network development also includes the rehabilitation of existing networks and the activation of certain points of shared access in activated optical connection node. The space is a crucial issue when power supplies and batteries need to be added in existing street cabinets. For this type of job Alpha’s compact power racks, (only 1 or 2U high), are perfectly suited. The Captin 300, ACE102 and Captin 1000 have been widely used for these applications by Altitude.

Altitude Infrastructure is one of the first French operators in the telecommunications sector to build, operate and market telecommunications networks. The company has grown thanks to its mastery of all wireless and wireline technologies (fiber optic, xDSL, WiMAX, WiFi), proposing solutions to access very high speed broadband (wired or wireless), from isolated dwellings to the densest areas.

Cooperation between Altitude and Alpha Technologies began in 2007 with development of WiMAX. Since then Altitude continues using Alpha’s products, today for the deployment of very high speed fiber optic networks.  Alpha’s equipment has been chosen and appreciated over the years, especially for monitoring and control solutions.

Alpha Innovations is a service oriented company, working on long term projects together with the customer. Cooperation between Altitude and Alpha Innovations continues to grow, involving new products, services and solutions. The customer appreciates Alpha’s responsiveness, capability to adapt from standard to customized, technical assistance by the engineering and professional software support.


Examples of power rack integration in existing cabinets


Energy cabinet in a shelter