Alpha Technologies S.A. opens its Visual Dashboard API to customers and partners

After 2 years of internal usage for custom projects, we have fully documented the API. This allows the development of dedicated web dashboard, including schematic drawing.

The purpose of the API is to allow us to create the simplest interface to your user, adapted to their needs.
We think that their experiences are really improved using visual tools. The Visual Dashboard API allows you to create monitoring interface for any application, from energy system to building monitoring.

More concretely, the API allows you to:

  • Draw a schematic of your system(s)
  • Draw the building or cabinet floor plans
  • Display all the monitored elements (temperature, door state, presence detection, voltage, current, etc.)
  • Draw the power flows
  • Add popup to display charts with the history of values
  • Add popup with active alarms
  • Support new systems (in combination with Lua Programming Scripting)

These features increase the user experience to a level never achieved in this business area. Here are some screenshots illustrating the possibilities. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested! 

Building Management Systems (BMS) to manage facilities such as energy system and security features (access control, fire detection,...).

Compas supervises server and energy infrastructures of a building

Compas monitors a solar power system

Compas manages a shelter