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Open Monitoring & Control Software, COMPAS is the foundations to enable the benefits of Digitalization on your field devices.

About Compas

Transform your field equipment into an intelligent and controllable asset! Deployable in a wide variety of hardware (19’ rack, gateway, or embedded), brand agnostic, COMPAS enables:

  • Data integration
  • Alarm & Events Management
  • Dashboards, reports and analysis
  • Web interface, Emails & notifications
  • Logic programming
  • Microgrid optimal balance, peakshaving

COMPAS extends the range of applications of a traditional energy or monitoring system. It is a powerful site monitoring with advanced technologies, allowing the supervision and the control of virtually any device.

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Devices & Data Integration

Collect all data and alarms from your site whether from inverters, converters, meters, sensors, batteries, gensets or mostly any device. COMPAS enables you to easily structure and handle your devices’ data, alarms & events. It allows you to build dashboards, to create reports, or to feed other systems with valuable data.

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Remote monitoring & control

Take full control of your assets anytime, anywhere. With COMPAS, you can access and control your devices, in real time, centrally from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Compas on smartphone

You can run tests on power supplies or batteries, monitor or respond to long-running tests from anywhere. You can real-time monitor key parameters of your devices; such as power supplies efficiency, wattage, voltage, ampere, temperature, fan speed and much more.

Power management

Managing power converters, meters and energy storage to enable peak-shaving, or advanced back-up strategies, can be smoothly realized with COMPAS. It’s a power management controller that is able to balance a microgrid, while keeping you in live control of your objectives and your strategy.

Easy configuration

You have one interface to edit all site equipment parameters (setpoints) and operating modes. With its user-friendly configuration interface via a local web browser, you can rapidly build custom tests or sequences to characterize your devices in various conditions.

Extended compatibility

It’s our solutions that adapt to your needs and not the other way around. This is possible thanks to the integration of many supported protocols, the use of ETSI standard for compatibility with any equipment compliant with this standard and the scripting engine capability.

COMPAS has extended customization capabilities to make it the perfect fit to your needs:

  • Defining own alarm conditions and messaging
  • Implementing communication with 3rd party devices
  • Creating a unique ID to access all data
  • Developing custom algorithms right away
  • Sizing the solution and its functionalities to your needs

Are you looking for an open and flexible monitoring solution?

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