DC Power - Medical PSU

Based on the world-leading expertise of Alpha Innovations in power supplies for diagnostic and water treatment equipment, the PMM series offers a very compact, low profile and lightweight design, together with remote control for easy maintenance and cost savings.
The solutions are configured from two platforms (PMM0748 and PMM0724) with wide output range capabilities. Customers can select their power supplies with factory-set outputs from 12V to 24V and 35A output current (420W to 840W output power), or from 24V to 60V with 20A output current (480W to 1200W output power). The platforms are designed to operate on mains power supplies anywhere in the world, from 90VAC to 264VAC and with frequencies from 47Hz to 63Hz. The units comply with the generic IEC/EN/UL 60950 safety standard and the medical 60601-1 safety standard, and have CE, UL and CSA certification.
On top of the very wide output voltage range, the units can be delivered with many possible options such as a 5V standby auxiliary output, analog or digital (CAN) signaling, and screw or pluggable termination for quick replacement in the field. The PMM range offers a great opportunity to simplify system design and supply chain management based on distributed architecture. Combined with Comp@s, the PMM series give equipment providers a unique opportunity to offer maintenance services with remote monitoring and control of the performance of the unit over Internet.