Reliable performance

If power supply is not your specialty, just think of a single solution that reliably supports multiple functions from a single power source. Since that solution does not create electrical interference with your equipment, the result is unmatched accuracy of the medical diagnostic equipment. And, of course, that solution is certified to allow medical experts around the world to safely use their electrical equipment in a hospital environment.

That’s what our solution can do for you.

Medical power supply unit sounds simple enough. Unless... the challenge is to fit in a bit more than a liter, 1100W output power over more than ten outputs, some being DC SELV, others DC high voltage and programmable or AC, with electrical noise measured in µV (micro volts) while operating on any mains on the planet, supporting EMC level B and of course at the same time certified according to safety standards EN/UL 60601-1 and EN/UL 60950.

If that is the challenge, you just know that only a few engineers in the world can pull it off. And, we are happy to report, they work for Alpha Innovations.

Medical power solutions Years of experience

Since our first power supplies back in 1972, Alpha Innovations has always been involved in the design of the embedded power supplies used by market leaders in the medical equipment industry. We thank those companies for selecting us as a partner in their leadership. You will find our solutions in ultrasound equipment, X-rays and RMN controls, dialysis equipment, water treatment equipment and respiratory equipment.


Medical solutions made to measure

Most of our power solutions are custom designed around existing modular topologies and circuitries. Feel free to get in touch. Let’s discuss your needs and explore the possibilities.