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28 September 2022

A flexible and compact shelf for your low power applications


At Alpha, we always keep an eye on the market trends to adapt our solution to the changing needs of our current and future customers. In this context, we have developed the ACE105, a very flexible and compact shelf for low power solutions.

Do you identify yourself in any of the following situations?

  • Space is a non-negotiable constraint, both in height and depth
  • You need to connect AC and/or DC sources that are different
  • You need power from 1kW to 5kW and want to be able to go up to 10kW
  • You don’t want to depend on someone to adapt your system

In this case, the ACE105 is the solutions that perfectly matches your needs.

Meet ACE105

ACE105 is flexible shelf solution for loads from 1 to 5 kW. This system is the perfect answer for applications where space is a constraint as it fits in a 300mm (11.8”) deep cabinet and is only 1U high, 19” wide.


With the 5 individual input connections, many configurations are possible:

  • Mix different AC sources
  • Mix AC and DC sources (DC source below 60V also possible with modules with embedded input connector on front side)
  • Use the shelf in 1P or 3P configuration
  • Integrate a LVD for batterie breakers

The power source (AC or DC) is detected by frequency measurement to automatically adapt to the situation. With ACE105, you can take advantage of off-the-shelf affordability with the ability to easily customize.

Highly “sociable” shelf

The shelf can be used alone or work with other equipment:

  • Increase the available power up to 10kW by adding a second shelf in parallel
  • Connect to external monitoring (UCC or Inview) via CAN bus
  • Increase the available power and integrate monitoring by coupling ACE105 with ACE104

Of course, this list is not exhaustive! Innovation is in our DNA and we are always ready to listen to new ideas and turn them into reality.

When to use it?

This system is ideal for low power applications such as in edge computing, cell sites or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Telecom, Datacenter or Railways markets. For example, with the 300mm depth, it is easily integrable into street cabinets.

It is also perfectly suited to a wide range of storage technologies: different batteries chemistries, H2 and fuel cells. Moreover, as you can integrate DC/DC converters along with AC/DC converters in a same shelf, you have an isolated DC/DC required for safety reasons.

Interested in this solutions?

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