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15 June 2022

How to manage Lithium batteries with Compas ?


Lithium batteries, more specifically LFP and NMC, are used in Energy Storage applications. It is particularly adapted because of its high energy density (100 – 265 Wh/kg), frequent charge/discharge ability (high number of cycles) and large amount of current it can deliver. Lithium batteries are highly performant but require environment management, principally for safety reasons. It is therefore almost inevitable to have a Battery Management System (BMS).

Let’s say you choose to use a lithium battery coupled with your power system and some PV panels. How hard will it be to manage and control all these equipment? How many interfaces will be needed? Do you have someone from your team able to do this interfacing?

It is a lot of questions to think of but, for us, the answer is simple and it is called Compas !

Indeed, our monitoring software, Compas, is a single platform gathering the information from almost any device. Therefore, you have an overview of your site’s equipment, including the lithium batteries, on a local and/or website interface.

As our software is highly flexible, we are there to assist you in integrating all your sensors and equipment into Compas. In the case of lithium batteries, we simply need a Modbus table, preferably respecting the Sunspec standard adapted for energy storage applications. We already have a lot of experience with famous brands, but we are also “brand agnostic” and therefore ready to interface all new battery types and brands!

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