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29 June 2022

Industry 4.0 – Episode 2 : Connect CO2 sensors to Compas


The covid has changed our habits and new devices, such as CO2 meters, have appeared. Measuring the CO2 in a room gives an indication of the air quality. It is therefore a parameter to be monitored to ensure the comfort of employees, even outside of covid times.

There are many different brands and ways of measuring CO2 levels. At Alpha, we initially opted for small portable devices but we soon realised that these were uncomfortable (battery change, alarm going off for no reason, etc). So we decided to install sensors that, among other functions, measure CO2. But we didn’t stop there! We interfaced this sensor to our Compas via a UCC. With an algorithm, we have defined a behaviour: when the level exceeds 800ppm, a light signal is activated in the room where the sensor is located. We can also get an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly view of the CO2 level per zone in which the sensor is placed.

What have we learned?

With this data we noticed that the ventilation in the areas with CMVs was good. However, in areas without ventilation, the CO2 level rises quite quickly and the air quality is not optimal. Obviously, until we measure something, we can’t know whether corrective actions are necessary. With this information, we now look at the best solution to adopt to ensure the best possible air quality for our entire building.

A revolution? Not really but…

In this article we are talking about a CO2 sensor. Obviously, monitoring this equipment is no incredible achievement, but what would you do if you had a dozen sensors and parameters to monitor, whatever their brands? If this is your case, consider Compas: you will have a single interface to have an overview of several equipment!

More info in this video

Curious to know what else we can do with Compas?

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