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19 April 2023

POC : improve manufacturing efficiency with aR

Company Life

Alpha Innovations, as ambassador of the “Made Different” program and a participant in the Factory of the Future program of Pôle Mecatech, recently partnered with tech startup Get Your Way to conduct a proof-of-concept (POC). It aimed at digitalizing our manufacturing processes and improving the working conditions of our teams. The POC took place from November 2022 until May 2023, including a phase of observation, scenario writing, and application development, followed by testing to fine-tune the solution.

Improving Efficiency with aR Glasses

The assisted reality glasses will display information in workers’ field of vision while they are focusing on an active task with their hands free, which digitalizes the working processes and improves their comfort, security, and efficiency. The primary objectives of the POC were to develop and test digitalized work methods using assisted reality glasses, including picking-by-vision, assembly of electrical panels, and quality control, and to evaluate the technology’s user experience and service design.

POC with aR glasses at Alpha Innovations

Assisted Reality Glasses: Key Benefits

The impact of the project is expected to be significant on various fronts and will extend beyond our teams. By digitalizing our manufacturing processes, we will be able to deliver products of higher quality to our customers, with shorter lead times and at more competitive prices.

For our employees, it will improve their working conditions and provide them with the necessary tools to perform their tasks more efficiently. For the organization, it will lead to the digitalization of work processes and reduce the error rate, allowing employees to focus on tasks with high added value. The competitiveness of our company will also be enhanced by reducing production time and improving the quality of the finished products.

Alpha Innovations’ Teams Crucial to Successful POC

The involvement of our teams was crucial to the success of the project. Their feedback will be used to improve the technology and its integration into Alpha Innovations’ manufacturing processes. This collaboration between Alpha Innovations and Get Your Way has produced a promising POC that demonstrates our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, ultimately benefiting both our employees and customers.

From Call for Proposals to Factory of the Future

This project came to life as a result of a call for proposals from Pôle Mecatech as part of the Factory of the Future program in which we participate. To obtain the “Factory of the Future” (FOF) label, companies must score well on seven pillars of digital transformation. Alpha has already obtained the “Ambassadors Made Different” label for the Integrated Engineering pillar and is now working on the other pillars to obtain the FOF label.

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