Remote Power Feeding

Unique on the market

Remote feeding is a technology which enables operators to power several remote sites from a central location by delivering that power via twisted pair cables.
The solution operates within the limits of both the EN60950-1 for TNV networks and the EN/IEC 60950-21 RFT-C standards. The technology can be installed by telecom technicians over existing copper networks. Alpha Innovations has also added some patented innovations which offer unrivalled advantages compared to competitive products.
Bottom line: cost effectiveness
In many circumstances it can be shown that remote feeding is by far the most cost effective solution for powering remote sites. Give us a call and we would be very happy to demonstrate this to you.
Multiple benefits
The remote feeding designs from Alpha Innovations offer many additional benefits to operators.
Deploying our system provides the safest powering solution for active equipment installed in street-side locations. Indeed in the event of any failure of the system the power source is shut down rendering the installation harmless to people.
With its original design the Alpha Innovations' remote feeding systems offer a highly compact solution to powering equipment in street cabinets. When compared to any traditional system (incorporating input protection & distribution, DC distribution and in many cases batteries) the cabinet space requirement is greatly reduced without compromising reliability of service.
Very high reliability without remote batteries
One of the original reasons to design a remote feeding solution was the ability to offer telecoms standards of service quality without having batteries installed in street sites. No maintenance costs, no risk of theft, no safety or environmental issues, just highly available service.
Ease of planning
A major advantage for operators is the ease with which Alpha Innovations remote powering systems can be deployed. Indeed there is no longer any need for reliance on utility companies for co-ordination of site roll outs, negotiation of supply contracts or interventions following cabinet damage.
Ask us for your free copy of the Remote Powering analysis (remote versus traditional local feeding)