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Multi-site Management Software, on Cloud or on premise, ARMADA leverages all the benefits of IoT & Digitalization for your organization.


About Armada

Connect to your assets, reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase the reliability of your service and your customers’ satisfaction. Scalable and easy to deploy, ARMADA’s open multi-site management software unchains the power of your assets and data:

  • Open and flexible solution, « Any device » integration
  • Centralized and complex alarms & events management
  • Data analytics & optimization
  • Cuttingedge data reporting
  • Local software/ firmware update
  • Configuration change: Massive or chirurgical changes
  • Remote backup and restoring
  • Scripting & programming
  • Integration within Business Applications

Maintain & Operate multi-sites remotely

Update and reconfigure remotely a part or your whole network of smart devices and controllers. Remotely monitor and control them to reduce on-site intervention and increase the availability of your systems.

  • Remote configuration
  • Remote upgrade
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote control

Solutions - Armada screenshot

“Any devices” Global integration and management

ARMADA is able to connect and to retrieve information from any open equipment without any expensive programming. It structures your data, your clusters of devices and enables advanced data reporting, aggregated historical data trends, KPI calculation and integration with Business Applications.

Global Alarm & Events management

Configure and manage alarms and remotely detect equipment failure by receiving an automated notification. The centralized and sophisticated alarm management highlight unusual patterns of consumption that enables you to plan interventions and do preventive maintenance.

Armada on smartphone

Energy Management

Managing energy is a complex task, even more so when talking about multi sites.
ARMADA enables you to centrally optimize, plan, and control your energy assets. It allows you to build logic around your energy sources and needs, to globally optimize them – depending on the specific criteria relevant to your business
With our monitoring and control software solutions, you can, among other things:

  • Share your energy surplus, share your needs
  • Start, stop or modulate energy sources remotely
  • Increase your self-consumption (using efficiently your renewable energy)
  • Interact with BMS & EMS (Battery & Energy Management Systems)

Custom dashboard

Create a cluster of views in the same environment (ex: geographical area, type of equipment, operator, etc). Thanks to customized scripts, specific data and analysis are tailored to our customers’ requirements. Dashboards give real-time information and make it available to operators in an easy manageable format. Moreover, graphs and KPI by monitored equipment give an intuitive visualization of the live site data.

Tailored to your needs

On cloud or on premise, from centralized alarm management to a full functionality platform, from a few to several thousands of sites or devices, ARMADA scales and adapts to your needs, your business.

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