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Power Cabinets for Charleroi Tramway

Tramway Charleroi Alpha Innovations
TEC, public transport operator for Wallonia Transport Position control of tramway Signaling cabinets and monitoring solution


End of 2018, the Belgian company in charge of public transport operator for Wallonia, TEC, announced the complete renovation of its tramway fleet (45 vehicles) and 6 stations. This renovation is spread over a period of 5 years.

The renewal of the signaling system for the Charleroi light rail system has just been awarded to the Alstom-SPIE Belgium consortium. Alpha Innovations, supplier of Alstom for many years, has been chosen for the conception, delivery and commissioning of signaling cabinets.

What will be provided?

Alpha Innovations will provide signaling cabinets that will be along the tracks to control the position of the tramway. These cabinets are made of:

  • Modules that are receiver and transmitter which detect the presence of the tramway on the track
  • One UCC which collects the information and send the data to a centralized control and do predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Necessary space for the connections with external equipment

The particularity of this project is that some stations has not been used for many years and the other one needed to be modernized. Therefore, we needed to adapt our solution to an existing infrastructure and that’s our specialty! Moreover, our monitoring solution inside the UCC enable the end-user to have a better control, better safety and more efficient maintenance.

What’s next?

The first cabinets will be delivered for the pilot line that will be operational before the end of the year 2022. The TEC expects to have everything up and running in five years and by this time more than 30 cabinets will be delivered for this specific application.
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