Jade 3 and Armada Monitoring installed and running in subway of Antwerp


New monitoring equipment makes it possible to prevent upcoming breakdowns and to reduce the time and the cost of technical interventions. Jade modules are receivers and transmitters which detect the presence of the train on the track and make part of the ALSTOM audio frequency Track-Circuit solution. The rail length is divided into areas and there is a module for each area. Their module signals are used to control and to adapt the traffic lights automatically, according to the occupation of the track by the vehicle. When one of the modules falls out due to any internal or external cause, the railway is automatically blocked for security reasons. A team of technicians needs to arrive on site to find out and to eliminate the origin of the problem. In the meanwhile the clock is ticking and the cost of blocked railway is rising with thousands of euro. Alpha Technologies’ customer Alstom was looking for a solution which would make it possible to anticipate such situations and to be able to reduce the time of breakdown and the cost of intervention. This improvement is also sold as a better occupancy rate. The solution, proposed by Alpha Technologies, was to develop a specific monitoring system for Jade modules, enabled to analyze multiple types of signals and to communicate them to an external controlling device.


The combination of Jade modules, controller and monitoring software should provide the control panel room with all necessary tools and equipment to track any deviation due to alarm reports. The new Jade 3 was developed, empowered to communicate different types of signals to the UCC (Universal Compas Controller). The controller sends, in his turn, alarms via internet to a server in the control panel room. From the server, the data is collected and visualized into live reports by the Armada software. Depending on the type of alarm, one or more technicians can go on the spot to solve the problem. Not only Jade module was upgraded, the existing UCC was also customized according to the specific needs of the railway industry. The hardware was adapted to withstand harsh environmental conditions (exposure to temperature fluctuation, moisture) and provided with the new Compas software card. First systems were installed and started in March 2015 in ten stations, thirteen cubicles of the new tram/subway line Livan in Antwerp by the launching team Alstom/Alpha Technologies. Today Alpha Technologies has already received orders to supply over 5000 Jade 3 modules in coming years and is going to install system prototypes on request of another customer.