Access Control with Compas and Armada

For about 10 years, Alpha Technologies provides solutions allowing the access control to your street cabinets. Subracks like the CAPTIN FA, CAPTIN BW, UCC can manage RFID badge reader, locks and doors. It included different scenarios to take into account server failures, power outages, RFID reader failures. So the solution was there, but with the new technologies, it is time to innovate!

We are now able to provide an alternative solution without a need for an RFID reader, by taking advantage of the smartphone handled by technicians. This will ease everything! The solution can be managed by any SNMP software, or by our new Armada Web Extension, dedicated to smartphones. Here are some screenshots:


Log on the Armada Website


You see immediately the closest street cabinet thanks to the smartphone GPS location. No time lost for searching the right monitoring system.

If you cannot find the cabinet, the map system will guide you!

You are just arrived? If you click open the door and if you are allowed, the door will unlock

Do you want to see the alarms or configure the system? You can access directly the monitoring webpage!

Contact us if you are interested to increase the security very efficiently!