Monitoring & Supervision

Building Management Systems: foundation by the Universal Compas Controller UCC

Since the creation of the UCC platform, Alpha has developed a wide range of ADIO (Analogue Digital Input Output) modules that allow you to connect virtually anything to the monitoring system.

Alpha recently terminated a project consisting of monitoring more than thousand buildings.  All buildings are central (phone) offices and vary between very small up to very large buildings.  In order to be able to deploy the same UCC solution in such a variety of buildings, Alpha’s modular concept is of use.  By simply adding ADIO modules and even adding shelves the whole range was covered.  So, for the smallest building one ADIO module with digital inputs and relays outputs suffices, and for the biggest building 3 shelves filled with ADIO modules does the job.

Whenever you are looking for a solution to manage your buildings, shelters or cabinets in terms of monitoring & controlling from a distance you will most probably always find the solution with the UCC.

The Universal Compas Controller suits every need, being it simple door detection up to a complex variety of inputs and measurements; the UCC is your foundation for a reliable monitoring & control system of your network of sites.

Since the UCC supports widely used network protocols, like e.g. SNMP and XML, it is easy to implement the UCC into your current NOC network.  But if you consider exploiting the full power of the UCC you should definitely consider the Alpha Armada server solution.  Armada can be used as a standalone server but also be integrated in your existing NOC network.