Application note: CAPTIN300


Alpha has implemented a full scale solution for small Broadband (VDSL)  (street) cabinets, where not only reliable power is available, but also full monitoring of the cabinet.

Typical power consumption for small VDSL nodes is about 300W.  The Alpha CAPTIN 300 provides the DC power for the DSLAM and sufficient power to charge the batteries after a main outage.   DC loads are protected with scalable fuses with auxiliary contact for alarming purposes.  Power losses are very low because of the 94% efficiency rate of the rectifiers.  Standard connectors are used for fast and easy mounting in the cabinet.

Besides the low CapEx, the real profit comes from the integrated site control, monitoring and access management modules that allow you to monitor & control the cabinet from a distance.  Running on the famous embedded Comp@s platform, all data and evolution of the site is available.  Besides the monitoring of opening the door(s) of the cabinet, important measurements are registered, like humidity, temperatures of the batteries and the cabinet, vibrations (read vandalism attempts), water detection and other external equipment like a fan or heat exchanger.  The Comp@s monitoring unit also enables you to efficiently measure the total AC power consumption with a smart energy meter.  And all data & monitoring is always available since the modem/router to the NOC is powered by a 12VDC source from the energy system.

To measure is to know, and with Comp@s the major advantages and benefits lower your OpEx:

  • Operations:
    • 1st line interventions: lower redundancy, thus lower costs
    • 2nd line support: detailed remote real time site analysis = faster & more efficient
  • Maintenance:
    • Remote battery testing = significant cost reduction
    • Remote control = significant cost reduction (e.g. activate aux. cooling equipment)
    • Remote software/firmware updates = significant cost reduction
  • Improvement & Planning: continuous optimization
    • Data collection from groups of sites give reliable data for future investments

E.g. The number of mains failures and duration give reliable information for necessary battery backup times, and therefore the right battery capacity to deploy in line with the company’s mission (quality, reliability)

E.g. Temperatures measured over a year give reliable information for improvements

E.g. Number of failures & grouping of failures give reliable data for optimizing logistics (spares, capacity planning) and other technical and operational improvements

  • Management:
    • Data collection from groups of sites give reliable data of your system/network performance, to be used as KPI
    • Asset & life cycle: real time manufacturing dates of equipment give accurate insights for asset management & life cycle management

Comp@s is the essential tool that allows you to observe, to measure, to analyze and to take control of your systems and to enter into a continuous cycle of optimizing TCO, of quality and reliability improvements.