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06 October 2021

A home-made compost in our premises

Company Life
Corporate Social Responsibility

Most businesses generate different types of wastes and need to make sure that they are disposed of in the right way. Finding ways to recycle the waste produced is a major concern for us. In this context, our employees took the initiative to build a compost for the food waste of the company. The plus? The material used to build the compost is all recycled material!

Compost at Alpha Innovations

Of course, this is not the only initiative we have in the waste management. Among the other initiatives there is:

  • Recycling of pallets by a local company
  • Waste sorting in general (cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, etc)
  • Use of the grass as fertilizer for the fields around the company
  • Use of coffee grounds in our employees’ gardens

We believe that all initiatives are important, no matter if it is on small or large scale!

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