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01 July 2020

First Step Of Our Energy Storage Installation


At Alpha Innovations, we are more than convinced by energy storage solutions. Therefore, it was more than logical for us to install our own. The installation of more than 150 kWp solar panels in our plant in Belgium is a first step… and it has now been completed!

PV on Alpha Innovations rooftop


In order to reduce the electricity bill, secure the power supply of critical equipment, and optimize the use of renewable energy production, the energy storage systems are the ideal solution for Commerce & Industries. By sustaining the grid, the energy storage solutions also help with grid stabilization which becomes increasingly difficult. It will also help to face power outages that will only increase in the future.

Moreover, as a member of the CE+T Group, we can count on other companies in the Group specialized in this field: CE+T Energrid (for customers in EMEA, Asia and Australia) and CE+T Energy Solutions (dedicated to the American market).

For all these reasons, we believe in energy storage solutions and we decided to equip our site with our own storage installation.


For this first step, we installed 467 solar panels of 335Wp each on the roof of our plant in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). With this installation, about 145 MWh of energy should be produced each year. This step was completed during the COVID-19 confinement along with 8000 m² roof insulation.

The next step is currently in progress. It consists of the installation of Hercules, modular power converters from CE+T Energrid as well as 75 kW batteries. By combining all these components with Compas, our Energy Management System (EMS), we will benefit from a complete Energy Storage installation.


Alpha Innovations is now even more eco-responsible with the capacity to produce 145 MWh of energy each year. Once the complete energy storage system is operational, we can increase our self-consumption (by consuming our green energy) and reduce our peaks. As a consequence, our energy bill will also be significantly reduced. We will share more details about this installation in the coming months, stay tuned!

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