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17 February 2023

Our First Social, Environmental, and Governance Impact Report

Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re proud to announce the publication of our very first Social, Environmental, and Governance Impact Report here at Alpha Innovations. This report is a culmination of one year and a half of hard work, and it showcases our commitment to sustainability and responsibility in business.

As a team, we took on the challenge of creating a real environmental and social policy within the company, and it’s been a tremendous success. Our team’s motivation and involvement in this project were remarkable, and the support of Smart2Circle was precious.

We believe in creating a better world, and this report is a significant step towards that goal. It’s a product of the collective efforts of every member of our company, and we’re proud to showcase the hard work that went into creating it.

The report allows us to identify our carbon footprint, set RSE goals, and establish a roadmap for our company’s long-term sustainability. To ensure that we put our plan into action and monitor our progress, we established an RSE impact committee made up of members from different departments at Alpha Innovations.

We hope you find our report insightful and inspiring. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you in the years to come !

Read the full report in English

AISA – Rapport RSE – EN

Read the full report in French

AISA – Rapport RSE – FR
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