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05 July 2023

Proudly Made in Belgium

Company Life

At Alpha Innovations, we believe in delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued customers. That’s why we are proud to say everything we do is meticulously designed and assembled right here in Belgium, where precision and excellence meet. Have you ever wondered how our products come to life?

AISA - Collaborators patchwork

Skilled Craftsmanship and Specialized Expertise

Our team expertise, especially in railways, is unparalleled, and they possess a range of unique skills such as torque clamping, crimping, calibrated gripping, obsolescence management over a 30-year span, and project-based documentation. These specialized skills add tremendous value to our customers, particularly those with long-lasting equipment.

Engineering Excellence: Project Management and Precision

At Alpha Innovations, we pride ourselves on our engineering capabilities, which enable us to provide exceptional project management and meticulous attention to detail. From stock management to the qualification of an extensive parts list, our team ensures the seamless flow of our entire supply chain from start to finish, including rigorous testing procedures at every stage.

Embracing Repairability and Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy. We strongly believe in the power of repairability and aim to extend the lifespan of our products while maintaining their efficiency on the long run. By prioritizing engineering for long-term use and implementing a comprehensive repair policy, we reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Complete Control: Mastering the Supply Chain

From the moment our components are chosen by our engineers to the final product leaving our doors, we have complete control over every step of the supply chain. Our approach to inventory management, procurement, and stringent quality control ensures that our customers receive products of the highest standard, every single time.

At Alpha Innovations, we are proud to be an all-Belgian operation, delivering excellence and innovation to customers worldwide. Together, let’s continue to build a future rooted in quality, expertise, and sustainability.

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